Rc 4g/5g control help

hello everyone,

I am currently working on a project to make my rc car work over 4g, but i should be able to control my car and a bunch of electronic valves, i have tried to control my car via surrogate wich was a succes, but that still kept me in need of finding a solution for the valves. that's why i came here. Is there anyone of you that can help me out with this?


5G RC Car Test drive Aug 29 2019 - YouTube

What is "surrogate" in this context?

its used to control the car via a hotspot, Surrogate.tv | Become a creator

So, like this video?

They used a Raspberry Pi. Don't you want video?

If you have it working via WiFi you should be able to get it working through a 4G or 5G cellular modem.

Can't you expand the surrogate.tv interface with controls for valves?

i have been looking to do that, but i can't find where i can add extra controls, but i will try it again
and yes, they have a raspberry pi, but i recently bought myself one to

will pay for this, if anyone can help please send pm

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surrogate.tv has a discord site, you might find more information there.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

oké thanks, but i don't know iff surrogate is the best option to do this