RC Battery Monitor Project

Hello everyone (this is my first post). I have a friend who has hearing problems but flys planes, and I would like to make two arduino components one that monitors the battery on the flying plane and then transmits that info to another arduinio with a LCD Display or LED Lightup values. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

The hard part of doing that is the transmitter and receiver part being able to cover the required distance.

What about a flashing high powered led that the Arduino would activate when its getting low or when out of transmitter range.

Plenty of RC telemetry equipment around that would suffice and cheap and designed not to intefere with the main control radio transmission etc. Perhaps look at how they work but it is not an easy task.

Why not a CellMeter6 from Hobby King? Very inexpensive, plugs directly into the battery balance port and monitors all the cells in the Lipo. Has two ear busting screamers and one humungous red LED which gives ample warning that its time to land lest gravity do it for you. Also has a button to select the trip point if default isn't good enough.