RC battletank, with video feed, Smartphone controll? PS4controll?

First post, and i might have placed this entirely wrong.
(if so, let me know and i will delete if admin dont first)

Just to be creative, and to learn Arduino i'm playing around with the idea of a battle tank.
I would like to create a couple (2-4) battletanks with controll of movement and fire/shooting.
(minimum 3 channels (one for each belt/motor, and fire/shooting)
Moving turret might also apply(2channels/axis). (depending of channels, and ease of configure)
One of the things ive not seen is any "given" ideas, is for interface. My first thought was to have live videofeed from a camera, feed that to a smartphone, with buttons overlay over video, for movement and fire.
Was hoping this might have been possible over BT. but seems like BT have a rather low bandwidth for videofeed. So im looking at FPV kits for drones and perhaps PS4/xbox controller, with a 4-7" screen attached to it. Seen wifi solutions but i want to take these where no wifi exist.

And yes i know its not the easiest "basic beginner project" but this is what i want to make, and i know there is quite a few guides out there for different stuff, and pre made scripts/codes for it. -I kinda need some help to find the ones i can use, and get pointers.

So here is a few questions, or where i could use tips/thoughts or links to guides.
(one thing i dont yet have control over, is if one thing, prevents/uses IO needed for other)

  1. what kind of Arduino should i get? thinking of I/O VS size /need driver for servos, and fire functions
    Also want to have the ability to have other sensors for later, if we want to make them autonous robot later. (not a demand)
    (is there a way for videofeed over BT or Other on any of these?)
  2. Add on card, Servo shield (guess this can be used for movement and fire. (might have to connect ESC to the two motors for the belts) ideas are appritiated.
    3)Control interface, pref ANDROID/IOS, or PS4/Xbox/other controller.
  3. Videofeed- any good ideas to get videofeed from this, to android? or should i aim for "standalone" systems and adapt FPV kit? links to cheaper FPV /Video (cam/transmitter/receiver/and screen)
    (screen from 5-7" ) Want to have Crosshair on the videofeed, but that can be sorted with a mechanical sight in worse case. (wish, but not a demand)
    5)Tips for sensors to register hits from 650nm laser. (thinking about size of target) need 4 for each side on each tank. open for suggestions but thinking of one sensor for each side of each tank. can solar panels be used? (quite cheap for a small one, but dont know if they react quick enough) or does a LDR work? small aim if laser is focused good. -tips and thoughts?

Ive already ordered a few KY-008 laser modules, and some rollers(frames with belts) for this.

And ofc, i know im going to run into some cost on this, so easy and cheap solutions or links to products and solutions are appreciated

The video systems used on racing drones is worth a look .
If you are new to this be aware that setting yourself a complex task may cause you a lot of frustration and may just be too hard.
I think I would use a conventional RC control system to start and use the Arduino for the gun and maybe detecting “ hits”. That’s more doable and you could expand on this later.

usually one thing at the time is a good way to go.
Except if one of the paths blocks another path.
(thats what i hope experienced users could comment, if say Servo shield blocks BT or other things)
But as of what ive read, servo shield dont block any further functions of what im thinking of.

Connecting a Servo shield, and parring a control device should not be too complicated?
If i end up with FPV video streaming,-it is stand alone, and should not do matters too difficult.

Servo shield should manage 2x ESC if that is the route im ending up with.
some ESC have 5V output. so i really dont see too much trouble with this.

Still, what controller is easiest to connect/program? PS or XBOX? what have the best basic tutorial?