RC boat shaft/propeller assembly

I want to make an rc boat as a project for my studies but i only have knowledge at electronics and programming. I am unaware of how mechanics work. I have tried to find many articles and tutorials but nothing is helpful about what i want to do. My issue is that i dont know how to connect my brushless motor to the coupler, the shaft, sleeve, propeller and i also dont know which parts i need to purchase such as gaskets, rubber, bushings... Same issue with the servo and the rudder. Any link to a tutorial or any help will be appreciated.

Motor: Turnigy D2836/11 750KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
servo: KS-3518 Servo waterproof

"Any link to a tutorial or any help will be appreciated."

Google and youtube would be good places to start. Also RC forums.

I suggest to start with a functional RC boat (it is easy to find inexpensive, used ones) and replace the electronics and motor with your own.

Servocity.com has a great selection of couplers and other useful mechanical parts.