RC Car = Arduino + ProtoShield + Playstation

Hi everyone, thats the first project that I post in here.
I hope you like.
The project is very simple: a RC Car using an Arduino 2009, a ProtoShield, one Wireless Playstation Controller with receiver, 4 servo motor modified to control speed and 2 A123 battery cells.

The video:

Those 2 capacitors up the protoshield is for current peaks (when i completly change the direction, the circuit gets a little more current).

What do you think?

Thats really cool! and those capacitors are huge, what value are they?! Also, does it go faster on carpet? It looks like the wheels slip bit on the lino/tiles.

Those are 2 capacitors of 2200uF. The torque of the servos are really good...so it runs nice in carpet, but the speed isn't good cause it's just servos, you know, every servo haves the same speed when modified.

Also, the car isn't 'balanced' lol so, one side is higher than the other...

Sweet! Can you share specifics on the Playstation receiver interface? Thanks.

that's pretty neat!

how did you hook up the PS2 receiver to the arduino?

i'll paste the code tomorrow ok? I made my RC Car in few steps. 1) Connected a Playstation wire controller (a normal control who came with my PSONE lol) and made the LED 13 on and off. 2) I put some servos and control the direction with the controller 3) I bought a wireless controller of playstation 2 (the controller came with the receiver that you plug on your playstation). I opened the little box and place the pins of receiver like the pins of wire controller) 4) Place 2 capacitors for current peak...and voilĂ !

Your solution to hook up the reciever to Arduino is very straightforward and cool! Great work done.

Thank you. You can see the version 1.0 of my car in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcpwswGE530&feature=related

and here the v1.1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGG7-h0Vx-Q&feature=player_embedded

I really like the final version more than the others..