RC car "come home" function

Hi there!
I've been working on a RC roadster lately, and since everything's almost done, I was wondering if it could be possible to implement a "come home" function by having the Arduino remember the buttons pressed (and the actions performed by the car) in such way to do them in reverse when this function is triggered.
Is this possible at all? Can the standalone Arduino UNO's memory hold all that info?
Thanks a lot.

Simply reversing the commands won't work. The faintest slip in turns will make the car go astray.

Without beacons or other landmarks it will be hard to accomplish. GPS, as used with drones, is not normally precise enough.

Memory aside, it would be easy enough to test the idea for a short trip out and back to see if it actually homes. As DrD said, slightest slip on a turn and it will get lost.

If going out you commanded a 90 degree left turn and it did 89, but then did a real 90 degree right on the way back....

Even if you just went straight out for 30 seconds and back for 30 seconds it might not home. A lot depends on the mechanical quality I'd say.

I see. Even if it's not practical, It's gonna be a ton of fun watching it mess up xD.