RC car control via WiFi and a PC

Hello, I am looking for some basic suggestions on the project I am working on. I added a couple WiFi cameras to an RC car and a wireless router. Currently I use a laptop to view the video via WiFi and drive the RC car with it's packaged controller. My goal is to move control of the RC car over to the PC. I was thinking I could control the servos and speed controller via an arduino board with and Ethernet shield hooked up to the router. I would like to have a USB joystick on the PC to control driving. Is this doable? I would consider myself to have a basic knowledge of electronics and networking. I have limited programming. Are there any links to forums that have discussed something like this? I am not looking for hand holding but a jump off spot if it's doable. Thanks all.

It's very doable. The code for a simple web server in arduino is here:

It should be very easy to modify that to control a pin on the arduino via the network. Then you need to hack your car so that it is controlled by pins on the arduino.

Rather than using a joystick you might want to consider clicking on buttons on a web page, it's easier to program. Set up a HTML page with a hidden iframe, and use javascript so that when a button is clicked the location member of the iframe object is set to a URL on the arduino. That will trigger a HTML GET, which will cause an action on the arduino.

Below is some simple testing for making a "routerbot" without a lot oh hacking.


Thanks a bunch for the information! I will figure out the servo control first and then add the ethernet shield. I now understand how the communication works. The only problem with the webpage control is speed control. I will start simple and work from there. Thanks again for the direction.

hi There is a simple way to control a Remote control car using Printer port
i can made as it in my final project of MCS
first of all u need a basic knowledge of Computer languages and electronics


something like this?