RC Car Control

I am trying to modify a rc car so it will become autonomous using arduino and sensors. I have stripped down the car and I have a controller board with what looks like a receiver, a chip and a couple af amplifier circuits?? On the chip ‘X27M(2A)’ I have identified pins that when they go high I get the various operations, forward, back, left and right. I need to know if it is safe to just solder fly leads to the chip and use the digital output of the arduino to send the appropriate pins high. I have checked that when I remove the car batteries the motors don’t run so I am fairly sure that I am switching the motors rather than driving them from the arduino. I’m still a bit worried about drawing too much current and setting the thin alight or killing the arduino. Any advice very much appreciated.

You should probably remove the chip or cut the leads to it. Then it should be safe to tap connect Arduino outputs to the various H-bridge inputs. Connect the Ground of the Arduino to the Ground of the RC circuit.

If the battery for the car provides 3.5 to 5.3v you can use it to directly power the Arduino (battery + to 5V pin). If it provides more than 5.3V you will need a 5V regulator. If it provides 6V or more you can use the built-in regulator (battery + to Vin pin).