RC Car controlled by Android mobile/Kinect

Hi everyone ,
This is my first post on Arduino forums,
month ago I made an Arduino project :
Android app that takes the value from the accelerometer sensor and send it to my laptop via socks protocol on WiFi (because I don’t have bluetooth module) then the server on my laptop analyze the data and forward the results to arduino so the last control the rc remoter control :slight_smile:
and the other options is Kinect:
you can move your body in the front of Kinect then “faast” program will analyze the data coming from Kinect and forward the results to arduino :slight_smile:
you can watch the videos on youtube:


These projects done by 15 years old, Syrian geek and this is my blog : http://adnanonline.net :slight_smile:
project post : http://adnanonline.net/?p=417