RC car timer

I want to make a RC car timer for my son to use on are backyard track, is it possible to use a nano and a IR transmitter to make a transponder for each car? Would a uno connected to a string of IR detectors be able to send information to a laptop to show lab times and number of laps? I am thinking of using these components.

I am new to Arduino, but hoping to learn a lot about its many different applications.


In general, yes.

However, Sunshine (also indirect) will cause lots of problems for you. Using modulated carrier will help. Put the emitter on the car, with the sensor(s) on the outside of the track. Small black tubing will help protect the sensor from sunshine.

Play around with IRremote or IRlib first, using quality IR components from Vishay. Avoid the cheapest IR components, unless you are satisfied with the specs in the data sheet.

First step is to get one IR emitter & receiver working.

I would suggest the TSSP4038 receiver (used for light barriers) & TSAL6100 IR Led.

In theory you could just use a 555 circuit on the car for tx and use the Arduino at the sensor. Sending the updates from the Arduino via RF would be a nice feature.

Thank you for the info, looks like I have some reading to do, I hope I will be able to understand the info.