rc car: uno r3 + wishield 2.0

hi, for my school project i'm planning on making a rc car controlled by UI on pc via wifi. Since the hardware/µcontroller isnt the most important thing i'm looking for a "simple" solution. i've been looking for a few days and found the arduino uno r3 + wishield 2.0 to be maybe a viable option.

i have some questions though: has anyone else ever made rc car with the wifi shield? since i've never worked with arduino before, are the controllers hard to program, is the wifi shield hard to set up?

i found alot of wifi shield, and the wishield 2.0 seems to be the "best" to me, are there better ones,? i like alot of info/documentation/library but seem to be unable to find really that much,where can get it?

thanks alot and sorry for my bad english.

hi, im doing something similar, but with a different approach. im using an arduino to trigger the mosfets on the the RC car(instead of the regular RX2c IC) and the arduino has a bluetooth module which connects to a phone mounted on the car. the phone receives Arrow key presses from the computer and the phone sends back live video from the phone. then the phone sends the key press data to the arduino which triggers the motors.

i don't know much about the wishield, but in general arduino is very easy to program, to me at least. my sig has a link to my blog which details how to interface a arduino with the car.