RC car WiFi programming to android

Got my project here using a Gizduino(ATmega644)+Adafruit CC3000+DFrobot L298N Motor Shield. I was wondering if someone here knows how to code the controls and connections of the wifi shield and motor shield in android. I tested all components and they work flawlessly, my only problem is I don’t hae a clue how to code them in android. I hope someone helps me here. Thanks in advance :smiley:

This is a bit of a broad question

Do you mean you want to write a native android app?

Are you asking how you go about this, e.g where do you download the Android development software from?

Or are you asking about the client server system that you will need to write I.e the Android is the client and the Arduino will be the server ?

I already have an app, I just haven't programmed the controls for the RC and the connections to the CC3000 wifi shield. I think the client server system is what I'm looking for since the only thing I've researched has reached to that conclusion, that the only way to make the controls possible is to make a client server in the CC3000 and use it to control the motor shield and RC.

Which i'm asking now if someone could help me:

!.) How to create a web serer in CC3000

2.) How to code the commands in android

If this is still broad kindly reply, thanks :smiley:

Perhaps this give you an idea:

void webServerRun () {
	char databuffer[45];
	// Try to get a client which is connected.
	Adafruit_CC3000_ClientRef client = webServer.available();
	if (client) {
		while (client.available ()) {
			client.read (databuffer, 40);

			char* sub = strchr (databuffer, '\r');
			if (sub > 0)
				*sub = '\0';
			Serial.println (databuffer);
			sub = strstr (databuffer, "control");
			if (!sub) {
				//Serial.println ("no control");			
			sub = strstr (sub, "led");
			if (!sub) {
				//Serial.println ("no led");			
			sub += 4;
			if (strncmp (sub, "open", 4) == 0) {
				Serial.println ("open");
				digitalWrite (12, HIGH);  
				digitalWrite (13, HIGH);  
			else if (strncmp (sub, "close", 5) == 0) {
				Serial.println ("close");
				digitalWrite (12, LOW);
				digitalWrite (13, LOW);

		webServer.write ("CTYPE html>");
		webServer.write ("<!DOCTYPE html>");
		webServer.write ("<html>");
		webServer.write ("<body>");
		webServer.write ("<form action=\"control\" method=\"get\">");
		webServer.write ("<button name=\"led\" type=\"submit\" value=\"open\">Open</button>
		webServer.write ("<button name=\"led\" type=\"submit\" value=\"close\">Close</button>");
		webServer.write ("</form>");
		webServer.write ("</body>");
		webServer.write ("</html>");