RC Car

Hi - would anyone have any advise on what components I should use to control a RC Car using Arduino. The board will be your typical Uno but I'm unsure about the communication between device and computer - bluetooth or the XBee Radio? Im not looking for a complete list of what I need, though it would be very helpful.

This project will be expanded but I need to know what is needed at this stage.
Any advice would be appreciated.


Either would work fine, but XBee would give you greater range. Other options to consider:

  1. Those various el-cheapo 900 MHz - 2.4 GHz RF modules
  2. Hacking a pair of family radios for comms (may or may not be legal, check your local/regional laws)
  3. Hacking a pair of toy FM walkie-talkies
  4. 802.11b/g/n using a hacked router (or an unhacked one and an ethernet shield?)

I would look into the RFM12B modules, they're cheap ($7 from Modern Device), have good range (100m+), and have prebuilt libraries that work quite well (at jeelabs.org).

I have a few of 'em, they're fun. Don't have issues near motors in my experience either, I had a remote control car set up with one and right now I use one to monitor a flour mill that uses a chunky 120v 60Hz motor. No issues in either install.

Thanks for replies - so would the XBee or RM module work fine for control from a computer or from a phone? I plan to use both my Android phone and computer to control the car. Also would I be right in assuming that the Uno board & Xbee radio are all thats necessary at this stage to control the RC car? If you guys know of any tutorials or guides for creating this or something that will clarify some of my issues please point me to them :smiley:

You'll need to interface an Arduino and radio module to whatever you want to control it from, if you're planning on sticking an arduino to your phone then it'll work.