Rc controler

Hey guys im new to electronics and Im trying to find a way to control a rc truck that i have that i am going to basically using as a robot platform. But since im just starting out i am just trying to get the rc truck a controller that will eventually control other things on the bot. Im sorry if this is a stupid question but i have no experience in terms of Rc electronics and compatibility. The controller i have linked below i think is for rc planes its the type i like i cant stand the guns with the little wheel on it. Any help would be awesome thank you

Will the controller linked below work for an rc truck? I am using my own h bridges and everything i basically have a chassis with motors a streering servo and a battery.

What does this have to do with Arduino?

It could work but it depends on the set up on your "robot." A schematics would be helpful! The remote will definitely be able to control the steering servo (the servo plugs right in to the receiver) but the motors are another story. I have no idea how you could control the h bridges with the receiver. I would just buy some ESC's for your motors instead of the h bridges.

The motors are brushed motors and i am going to connect the receiver to my Arduino i think, then control the bridge from there. As for schematics i dont have any. I am sorta build it step by step. This is more of an experimental project/learning project.

Now I get it!

Read the link below and you should be good to go!


Lol Yes thats actually where i got the idea for using the rc controller with the Arduino. I didnt even read the whole thing i wanted to get a controller first. THank you for your help. I couldnt really see why the controller would work but most controllers that style are for planes and helicopters. SO i just wanted to double check so i didnt toss money out the window

Yes it will work! I had an RC car that used a plane controller. All the controls work the same (generally).

The default 9X firmware only specifies a glider, acrobatic plane, and helicopter model type. You'll need to specify your car as an "acrobatic plane"; the other two do some type of mixing of the signals between channels as would be appropriate for those types of models... and then it'll say you're driving a plane when you're actually driving a car. Which is a little cosmetically goofy but not a big deal.

The other thing that might make it bad for use with a car is the spring centering of the sticks. With a car you probably want the stick to spring back to center for both the steering (so it goes straight) and throttle (so it stops) when you release it, but the 9X only has spring centering on one stick (left or right stick is the difference between Mode 1 and Mode 2) to pull it horizontally center. In that respect the controller is designed more for planes, because defaulting to no throttle on an airborne plane is a bad idea ;), but still not a showstopper for using it with a car.

The remote I have has the spring issue but you will over come it with a little practice!

O ok thats why its ment for planes i never even thought of the spring motion in the sticks. Im not to worried about that tho i can work that out. But i am glad you brought it up. That you guys for you input by the way i really appreciate it. I need to the electronics hobby stuff an its nice to get actual answers.