RC controller boat controll system built from scratch

Hey all!

Ive been searching around but haven’t quite found what im looking for so sorry if its been said and if so please point to it :smiley:

What im wanting to achieve is to build my own rc controller for a boat i got off my dad. Ill be replacing the motor (old school electromagnet) with a new motor and adding a servo to control direction to the boat and thinking of using the cheap rf radios found on ebay to control it all.

For the controller section i was thinking of getting or hacking the joysticks from PlayStation controllers and have 1 as a throttle and one for steering. this would be sent to the boat via the rf transmitter. would i need another components (will get arduino mini for the boat)

Woul dthis be possible and if so any help would be nice :slight_smile: any more info needed just ask.

thanks matt

Is there some reason you aren't just using a plain and simple RC transmitter/receiver system?