rc interupt/over-ride autonomous robot

hello everyone. I am still a beginner with the Arduino and programming but getting very interested and excited, mine is going crazy with ideas.

I would like to right now build a simple robot that will work its way around a room, kinda look Roomba, I'm gonna probably "borrow" a lot of ideas from Roomba to be honest.

I woulud like it to on its own, work out a pattern to drive over all the room space, obstacle avoidance, etc..return to docking station to charger when battery gets to say 5%

i would like something else, more interesting, dunno if it can be done or how.

I would like the ability to take over or override the bots autonomous driving and use RC if i decided I wanted to drive it. Im not necessarily thinking an RC hand controller like you would use for a car, but maybe a nice web interface or something (puts this idea on an entirely different level i know), but i think it would be cool to sit back with my iPad and control it if i felt like doing so.

like i said i am very new to this, not a programmer so it will take me a while, and thats ok. Im kinda thinking something like this sorry that it doesn't conform to any standard code, still learning.

robot code

Loop ( drive autonomously

if then statement if pin 1 has signal, stop autonomous, RC takes over if pin 1 has no signal continue autonomous driving )end loop

and i was thinking run this code every second or so.

Let me know what you all think, where I can look for ideas and guidance, etc All comments welcome.

Thanks for your time.

You can do this. I am working on an autonomous drone and I can override it with RC. I am sure there are more than one way to do it. There are also several Ipod and Ipad apps that have controllers for remote control over wifi.


If you're looking for the override to originate in software (on your PC) and be executed in software (in your Arduino sketch) then it would IMO make more sense for the override to be sent over a digital communication link rather than over a conventional RC radio control channel. The RC approach would be quite easy to implement, but would not lend itself to a software front end.

hmm, good point. didn't think of that. why go from your computer to RC. I do have a bluetooth receiver and there is an app called "Ardumote" guess i could just make that work somehow.