Rc large motor control using ibt2 h bridge

Hi everyone
I am new to this forum and new to arduino.
This is what I wish to do:
I am building a remote control kids quad using a standard remote controler for rc cars.
I am using a windshield wiper motor to steer it.
I want to use an ibt2 H bridge to control the motor and wire it directly to the rc receiver. I have 2 ibt2 bridges so wish to use them.
I see on YouTube that this is possible and demonstrations of how it works but there are no details on how to wire it.
Has anyone had experience doing this? If so any help would be greatly appreciated

Hopefully, not for use with a kid on it.

Are you planning on having any positional awareness on the steering? RC cars use servos for steering. Servos have positional awareness. When you set the steering control to neutral, the steering centers.

Definitely not with a kid on it. It has a completely different body on it with no provisions to sit on it.
Yes I would like positional awareness with return to center.

Here is a link to the YouTube that I am trying to use. It doesn't have quite enough info for me to follow. This is what I am struggling with.
The radio receiver has one pwm output pin for each servo and it is by directionally depending on the duty cycle with a midpoint of about 1500 mseconds.
It appears to me that the ibt2 requires 2 pwm input signals. One for foreword and one for reverse.
If this is correct how can the ibt2 be controlled by the radio receiver?

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The YouTube shows a hacked servo to control the motor driver.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, Arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks… Tom… :slight_smile:

Hi Tom
I am a retired industrial instrumentation technologist as well as a journeyman instrument mechanic. I spent 23 years working in the chemical industry.

I must admit my training and work experience are rusty and I am very new to arduino. I have reciently been studying arduino on the YouTube university and not finding it too difficult.

I watched the video you posted in reply #3.
It appears that the servo motor is disconnected, and the power that would have gone to the servo motor instead goes to the H-bridge.
Then the output of the windshield wiper motor mechanism is physically connected to the servo, so when the windshield wiper motor moves, the servo moves.
This movement of the servo gives the positional feedback that is needed.
Pretty cool idea. Keeps the arduino side simple - just use the standard servo library.

I have to admit, I am not sure how motor output for the servo motor is used as direction input for the H-bridge.
But then different motor drivers might have different input methods. I have seen only a few with the simple tinkering I have done.

Yes it looks so simple to do but the critical elements of the design are not well defined.
I guess I il just tril and error it.