RC on sms string not valid on huawai ! but ok on S3 ;-(

Hello i have make a project with a sim 900 shield icomsat.

i send sms . it was ok on my samsung S3 and my wife galaxy core ... but i just change my gsm to an huawei g620. (android 4.4.4) and surprise !!! there is no more RC such \r !

my code : char message_liste2_cde_buffer[200] ="temp\rtemp 1\rtemp 2\rtemp 3\rtension 3v3\rtension 5v\rgsm reset\rcompteur\rreset compteur\rinfo";

sms receive result on samsung S3 (it's ok) temp temp 1 temp 2 temp 3 tension 3v3 tension 5v gsm reset compteur reset compteur info

but now... on more rc, text are like this ... temptemp 1temp 2temp 3tension 3v3tension 5vgsm resetcompteurreset compteurinfo

incredible !

it make me crazy on my old nokia 3210, it's ok, RC are ok too!

what can i do ?

Thx, Bruno from France

so... i find how to solve this 1st problem.... when i put \n after \t .. it make /r/n

char message_liste2_cde_buffer[200] ="temp\r\ntemp 1\r\ntemp 2\r\ntemp 3\r\ntension 3v3\r\ntension 5v\r\ngsm reset\r\ncompteur\r\nreset compteur\r\ninfo";

it'ok ok ! strange but ok

if someone can explain me ...it will great


lol it seems , i'm not the only one in this case, the answer is that in certain case \r\n is require that's all !