RC Project Power Distribution with a PCA9685 Servo Driver

I'm working on a simple RC project using a LoRa radio, a bunch of sensors (gyro, barometer, gps, etc), servos and an brushless ESC and motor. The project is powered by a 4-cell LIPO, and the ESC provides a 5V up to 5 amp BEC which I'm hoping to power all the electronics with.

Since I'm using the PCA9685 to control my servos and ESC, I was curious if I could use the PCA9685 as a power distribution board to power all of my sensors and an arduino nano? Can the servo connections just be used as a 5v and GND distribution and act as a common ground?

I'm working on a simple RC project using a LoRa radio

I hope not. There are limits to the amount of data you can pass through a LoRa radio system and it is unsuitable for an RC project. Also it is slow, so not very practical.


Example: A device just transmitted a 0.5 s long frame on one default channel. This channel is in a sub-band allowing 1% duty-cycle. Therefore this whole sub-band (868 – 868.6) will be unavailable for 49.5 s.

Oh I definitely agree that Lora is very unsuitable for traditional rc control, the vehicle will be autonomous and the radio link will only be to send very small periodic commands such as new waypoints or sensor readings.

I might be wrong here too but I believe that those limitations are limited to Lorawan and not the lora radio layer itself, in theory you could transfer far more data at a higher interval, but the lora protocol still has extremely low bandwidth, especially in the longest range modes.