RC receiver decoder

need help. i am trying to decode the inputs from a RC receiver so that i can use program different applications to work with it. i need a basic program that can read the signals and show on serial. i have tried using other peoples codes but i havn't had any luck in getting it to work.

any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


There are even some loopback tests, faqs and lots of troubleshooting advice if you read the comments.

Duane B

What do you mean by "inputs from a R/C receiver"?

First of all I would expect inputs to go "to" and outputs to come "from".

Do you mean the radio-frequency signals that the receiver receives or do you mean the pulse-width signals that the receiver sends to the servos etc?

The signals that the receiver sends to the servos are almost certainly the same as those produced by the Arduino instruction servo.writeMicroseconds(value) where value is a number roughly from 1000 to 2000.