rc reciver channel 3 activating arduino


i just got a RC car for my birthday ;)

and I already swapped RC receiver/transmitter for a 3 ch one. i want to know how would i detect if channel 3 switch is on or off so i can do something like lights/audio or something...

before my dad etched a PCB and stickied it to a servo so when servo is switched a metal piece joins 2 copper pieces together closing the loop

Servos are sent pulses from the radio. Different width pulses tell the servo to move to different positions. You can hook the servo control line from the radio to an Arduino input pin and measure the width of pulses to get data from the transmitter.

unsigned long pulseIn(pin, HIGH) Returns the length of the next high pulse in microseconds. Returns 0 if no pulse occurs within one second.

If the transmitter has a switch for that channel it will probably change the pulse width between two values, say 1000 and 2000 microseconds. If it has a knob or slider the pulse with will probably change across that range as you move the control

Thanks for the reply,

so what i wanted i acheaved here's the code:

void loop() {
  long value = pulseIn(0, HIGH);
  if(value >= 1500){
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
      //switch on
      digitalWrite(13, LOW);
      //switch off