RC servo instead of a geared motor?

Hi Guys,

I need some recommendations to choose a servo which I want to use as a geared motor. I want to use a servo because it does not make too much noise like a geared motor or a stepper.
I also know that I have to modify the servo in order to enable it to turn more than like 270degree.
After the modifications I still want to control the speed and the direction of the servo through the Arduino. According to the information I found so far this should be possible, right?

The question is if I should take a digital or a analog servo?


Simple mods to a $5 servo for continous rotation. Not sure if there is any advantage to using a digital servo.


The Position feedback pots in a servo are padded to limit travel electrically to 180 degrees and are mechanically limited by a stop peg on the final drive gear. Adding higher value padding resistors will increase electrical travel range, removal of the mechanical limit will free the mechanical limits however more than 270 dgrees travel will break the position pot as it has an internal mechanical limit too. there is apotential to short the position pot in the remaining 90 dgrees of travel if the pot limit is defeated or breaks. This is due to the wiper bridging the terminations of teminals 1 and 3 as it passes over the backside(termination area). Digital servos are very noisy as they are in essence a stepper under constant pwm control.

You didn't say if you were looking for a continuous rotation but more than 270degrees. If you still want some control of position and have about 360 degree of travel then look into a type of servo called "winch servo" . There is even one that does about 3.5 rotations (HS-785) .