rc switch example

I have used the rc switch example for a 433mhz receive and transmit. I used it to get the code that my remote button was using to unlock my gate. I had a 433mhz receiver and transmitter. After getting the code I used it with the transmitter and arduino to unlock my gate.
The rc switch example should also work with 2.4 ghz? The only trouble here is that I cannot find a receiver or transmitter that is like the simple 433mhz one. The receiver and transmitter for 433mhz have just power and data pins. All I can find for 2.4ghz is strange pins such as 'mosi, miso,sck,ce,scn.'
Is there a simple receiver and transmitter for 2.4ghz like the 433mhz ones? Or otherwise how can you use the rc switch example with the 2.4ghz receiver transmitter?

The NRF24 modules are fairly easy to use

See Simple nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver demo

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