Rc Tank Combat - Possible? Expense?

So Ive had this Idea for awhile but unable to make it happen. I am good with circuitry, Ok with programming and have lots of knowledge of RC equipment.

My plan is to have an RC tank that is remote control that would fire at another tank which would take damage and after awhile the tank would be "destroyed".

My plan is to have the main cannon be an Inferred LED and the other tank would have 5 light sensors. One in rear, front, both sides, and turret. Each would be programmed that when hit the tank would lose somewhat control of that side. So basically an Light sensor is hit, registers the hit, registers how many times its been hit, adjusts motor output accordingly.

So if turret has been hit twice, the servo on the turret would either be unable to move, move at a slow speed, or the main gun would be disabled. Once a vehicle took enough damage it would stop doing everything. And once a battle is over the tank could be reset and everything would be back to normal.

Is this possible? I think it is just needs a bit of know how. What materials would I need? like what Arduino boards. How much Arduino programming knowledge, etc. Thanks! I'm willing to hire someone to either program the whole thing or show me etc.

It sounds doable, but you might need to migrate your normal servo / motor controls to the arduino.

If you want to pay someone to do it, rather post on "collaborations"

For the programming try the series of 'How To' posts at rcarduino.blogspot.com

There is also aseries of posts on IR Battle Tanks in the exhibitions section of the forum if you search.

The only challenge will be getting the IR to be directional, as you may know if you point the TV remote at the wall, you can still change the channel, great for tv, not so great for battling tanks.

If you keep the IR power low and use a small shroud around each sensor you should be ok.

Duane B


Well would a laser pointer or an led do the trick? Something more directional.

Hi, IR Can be made to work, I use it for an RC Lap Timing system with fast moving cars and sunshine to contend with. You will just need to plan for recessing the detectors in the tank shells, also try and find the original RC Battle Tank thread.

Duane B

I saw this in a local store just before xmas. A pair of RC tanks which counted IR "hits". I thik it was 5 for a kill. Cost 30 GBP (the pair). I very nearly had some to covert to bots.