Rc wireless controller

Hello everyone, I recently bought a 7 channel Aerofly professional deluxe rc flight simulator USB Controller. That is an rc controller with a usb which can be plugged into the computer for the flight simulator. I’m trying to make this controller a wireless rc/Arduino controller but I don’t know how to turn the usb connection into a wireless module. I am thinking of making a module that has an Arduino nano, a mini breadboard, a USB-A female connector, the NRF24LO1 wireless radio module with antenna, and some wires so that I can just plug it in to the usb and use it wirelessly. This is the NRF24LO1 link: Redirect Notice

Hopefully this doesn’t sound too confusing. The NRF24LO1 transmits at a frequency range if 2.4 GHz ISM Band, so i was wondering if any rc 2.4GHz receiver would work and pair with the 2.4 GHz NRF24LO1 module? Or do I need to make/buy a specific kind of receiver in order to pair the controller and receiver? Also, is there a radio frequency transmitter and receiver module kit that I can just put in the controller than pair it with the receiver? Thanks!!