[RC3] Accessing menu from keyboard (e.g. <ALT>F)

This might have been reported before but I could not find it. I'm used to use <ALT>F etc. to access the menu items. This does not (seem to) work on my Win10 system; a possibly indication that it's not intended to work like that is that letters in the menu are not underlined (e.g. F).

<ALT> activates the menu (you get a small square around File) to indicate it is selected. You can use the cursor keys (left/right) to select the different menus (Edit, Sketch etc).

Once you navigate down in the selected menu, you can no longer go to the next menu. To achieve that, one needs to use <ESC> first to close the menu's dropdown.

Intended behaviour or small issue?

Thanks @sterretje. This is tracked by the IDE developers here:

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