Rc522 can't change UID

Hello everybody,
I’m new to Arduino and I recently bought the Arduino Nano every and the rc522. After I connected the two everything worked fine except changing the UID. When I ran the ChangeUID code it showed the message

“Card did not respond to 0x40 after HALT command. Are you sure it is a UID changeable one?
Error name: Timeout in communication.
Activating the UID backdoor failed.”

I searched on google and found out that maybe the RFID tag was bricked but after running FIXBRICKEDUID it didn’t show anything else then “Warning: this example clears your mifare UID, use with care!”. Does anybody know what the problem is.
I’m using Arduino 1.8.12 on OSX.

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Probably not a problem, just a secure card (as most are).

these tags came with the rc522 I saw online that most people could change the UID of these tags thats what cofused me

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