RC522 dropping a character from the middle of UID

The UID reads fine on my tester board but not in the setup I need it for.
Its reading as ac1a717 but it's supposed to be ac01a717. It drops the zero out of the middle.
Any suggestions?

You posted in "Installation & Troubleshooting"
probably the wrong place. I moved your post to the main English Software forum Programming Questions

Please read How to get the best out of this forum and post your code (including code tags and necessary documentation of your ask) and provide details of your hardware

The first suggestion is posting your complete sketches as code-sections.
The working one and the not working one.
nobody here has a glas-sphere to look into to see your code.

You should post code by using code-tags
There is an automatic function for doing this in the Arduino-IDE
just three steps

  1. press Ctrl-T for autoformatting your code
  2. do a rightclick with the mouse and choose "copy for forum"
  3. paste clipboard into write-window of a posting

best regards Stefan

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