RC522 NFC read only a record

Hi all! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m new here. I’ve been reading this forums since I started with Arduino and now it’s time to say Thank You all for your incredible help!

Now I have a doubt with my project which I can’t solve, even searching in the forum… So it’s time to register and ask, and let’s see if in a future I can help here too!

I have a common RC522 module which I’m using for reading a simple tag. I want to write in this tag just a name like “PETER” and save it in a string just for reading it and showing it in a display.

I’m using a phone app, NFC Tools for writing that text in a “record” (which is called like that in the app, I don’t really know what exactly is)

Now as you can see, I can read that record and that word with the phone reader.

And now the question is: How can I just get that word and store it in string?

I have seen so many tutorials which read the ID of the card but I just need to read that word called “Record 0” in that app and show it in a display…

Would it be similar to serial reading? “if serial.available… string=serial.readstring()…”, or I’m really really lost?

and also, if I just want to do that, would it be possible to not connect some cables? or is it required?

Thanks in advance guys and sorry for my little knowledge

I’m a little bit lost with this module…

Big hugs for everyone :slight_smile:

I think the problem here is that you don't know the encryption key your app is using. If it is the default ( all Fs ) then you should be alright reading it on the Arduino. Use the card dump example that came in the RC522 libiary and see if you can spot your word in one of the sectors. When you do you will know what address in the memory buffer your data is in. Then you just fish it out into a char array ( do not play with String use string C is case sensitive and these two things are different )