RC522 - PIC


For my university project, I'm looking at an RFID reader programmed through a PIC. I'm going to use the RC522 which I have bought off ebay. I could program the RFID chip through the arduino uno but after looking on the internet it seems to easy and probably won't get many marks.

So I was thinking of using a PIC based controller to control the RFID. I'm struggling on the pinout on the RC522 as all the information online points towards just pinout numbers on the arduino uno.

Could anyone give me information/meanings on the following pin outs please, or where I should be putting them on the PIC.


Thanks alot

This is not a PIC forum. Check out a PIC forum, or look at PIC datasheets. PICS have synchronous serial ports with SPI.

This is SPI:- SCK is Clock MISO is Master In Serial Out MOSI is Master Out Serial In