RC522 Rfid and Arduino Mega 1280 problem

Hey, im trying to make the RC522 work with my arduino mega 1280 and the library found in https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid.

The documentation says i have to connect it to the SPI pins on the mega which are: * Reset 5 RST * SPI SS 53 SDA * SPI MOSI 51 MOSI * SPI MISO 50 MISO * SPI SCK 52 SCK

Later, in the code are defined:

define SS_PIN 53

define RST_PIN 5

But just that, i assume SPI.h uses the correct pins (those that dont get defined)

My problem is, when i try DumpInfo.ino the console shows "Scan PICC to see UID and type..." and nothing else happens.

I've tested every wire and works fine. Any ideas?

I am going to use the same parameters