RC522 RFID card seems to work only when it wants to.

I'm a few lines away from finishing the code for this project. But a frustration i've been putting off in favor of building each step is that it seems to only want to read cards when it wants to. Sometimes ill read the card a few times and it will stop. Other times i will compile the code and it will simply not work. I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason. I can run it perfectly for 10 minutes. compile code (none that change the rfid reading code) and it doesn't work. recompile a couple times. reset board a couple times. maybe itl work. Only once (in an dump info example) have i actually gotten an error which was a generic communication error.

I currently have the board plugged into a breadboard. I have ordered another ribbon of cables to try and see if hooking it to wires directly will make any difference.

thoughts? experiences?