Hi , Someone can tell me how y have to make a good comunication via RF with mi car¿?.

I have:: one servo for gear, one L298N with one motor, one am reciver with 2 channels (min 1000, max 1800 and 1400 center, badband 40).

I tray with this code but nothing happen ( i dont use RIGHT MOTOR):

link (the end code)

i change this

#define RC_NEUTRAL 1400
#define RC_MAX 1800
#define RC_MIN 1000
#define RC_DEADBAND 40
#define PWM_SPEED_LEFT 7
#define PWM_SPEED_RIGHT 11//dont use
#define LEFT1 5
#define LEFT2 6
#define RIGHT1 12//dont use
#define RIGHT2 13//dont use

#define PROGRAM_PIN 9

but nothing.

pd: and what i have to add in pin9, button¿?¿?¿? ty