RCSwitch library wouldn't send data

I had a working RCSwitch library based code for my ATS project, but somehow, I suffered a terrible hard disk crash and lost all the codes. Rewriting the codes isn't the problem here but finding the right RCSwitch library that works. I've used the latest update from git-hub but still it can't send data.

I have tried sending same data from another device i made using the old RCSwitch library and it works.
Please can someone help me with a link to the right library.

So you had some code that you can't find and it used a library and you don't remember exactly which one. And you think that we, with even less information, can guess which one you were using? Have I got that right?

Yes, that's really the idea here, if I were the one trying to help, i'ld know if the RCSwitch I have works then I'll share it.

The RC-Switch library that I use works.

But the library is probably not the cause of your problem.

Well you may be right. This is just frustrating. Its still possible the transmitter is faulty. Its just a simple send example I'm trying for this test. Thanks nevertheless

You can always use an LED to verify that the Arduino is activating the transmitter DATA input, but there are a lot of variables that you have to get right for the system to work at all. For example:

Do you have the correct frequency transmitter?

Do you have the correct remote device address?

Do you have the correct RC-Switch protocol (there are at least six)?

The best way to figure all this out is to analyze the transmissions of the remote sender. I do that following the procedure outlined on this blog page. Think of it as a fun learning experience.

Firstly, the frequency, I really can't set that on these cheap transmitters. But the receiver has always and keeps working with other devices that has the old library from the dead PC.
Secondly, the address is just a code "113" which I programmed the receiver to work on.
Finally, the protocol is the default protocol.
Please, what can you make out this information.
Thanks again.

No, you can't set the frequency of the typical cheap transmitter module, but you do have to use the correct one.

As long as you do that (using a decent antenna, of course), and everything else is correct, the RC-Switch library I linked will work.

Yes, that's really the idea here, if I were the one trying to help, i'ld know if the RCSwitch I have works then I'll share it.

Yeah but how do I know that the one that works with my code would work with your code? They all work, for some definition of that word. It's just a question of whether or not they work with the rest of your code.

If I were the one who needed this help, I would post as many details as I could, especially the code I want it to work with and links to the ones that didn't.

I really have to apologize to the writer of RCSwitch library and everyone who has spent time trying to solve my problem. I created that problem for myself as my rusty brain could not recall that I added my own Encoder with its Decoder in the "lost" code. I just remembered that now, rewrote the codes and everything works flawlessly.
Please kindly accept my apologies.