RCSwitch Library

I would like to know how to send data from several sensors with the RCSwitch library, send analog data from two different sensors and receive at any time.

float temperature = dht.readTemperature();
float wareLevel = digitalRead(PinSensor);
mySwitch.send(temperature, 24);
mySwitch.send(wareLevel, 24);

how to know on the other side which sensor?

Do you have a complete working sketch that sends data from only one sensor?

Example send on RCSwitch

That sketch does not send data from a sensor. So I guess you haven't written any code? You should code for only one sensor first, so you know what you have to change to include two.

what I want to know is how to send more than 2 values with the RCSwitch library, I think someone who already uses the library will understand

But as the library is designed for switches not sensor data. Few, if any, users of the library will have used it for that. It's also very poorly documented. This is why I suggest you tackle the more basic problem first. On your current tack, this thread will probably be overlooked and just fall off the page to oblivion.

Why not use RadioHead or VirtualWire instead, since you can just cherry pick a sensor sketch?

I have a code with servo motors and I am trying one of the projects, the RCSwitch library is old but it is still updating, it is not discontinued. I will try to write the code again for another library. But if anyone has any idea how to do it can comment here.