RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Sensor issue ✅

is there anyone who used this sensor, I need some true information about this sensor, is there anybody ? just comment, please.

I know this sensor detects human movement but I have some question

Does this sensor detect the object like a car, bus, any other object which is coming very near to it?
How much range it has for detection? I heard highest 7 meters, is it true?


I'm using it for the last two months in several prototypes with Arduino. To learn more, use Google and YouTube.

Very easy to use and programming BUT if mixed with RF or WiFi modules, you will have false positives. You will also have false positives if running it in low batteries.

I couldn't prove the 360 degrees detection and the max detection distance is 5,5 meters facing the front side.

In outdoor the behavior is different than indoor.

And this is my experience with RCWL-0516.

Watch this video for information on various radar sensors.