RCWL-0531/MAX30102 not working

Ok, I thought of using the MAX30102 conbined with my ESP32, because it looked easy and that sensor was cheap. I
soldered the sensor and i do the test for continuity, but my sensor doesn’t turn on the red led, and also my code don’t work code either. Did I do something wrong? Someone have some suggestion?

Wire connection:

The library that I’m using: Sparkfun MAX3010x Pulse and Proximity Sensor Library

The code:

#include <spo2_algorithm.h>
#include <MAX30105.h>
#include <heartRate.h>

#include <Wire.h>

MAX30105 particleSensor;
const byte RATE_SIZE = 4; //Increase this for more averaging. 4 is good.
byte rates[RATE_SIZE]; //Array of heart rates
byte rateSpot = 0;
long lastBeat = 0; //Time at which the last beat occurred
float beatsPerMinute;
int beatAvg;
void setup()
// Initialize sensor
if (!particleSensor.begin(Wire, I2C_SPEED_FAST)) //Use default I2C port, 400kHz speed
Serial.println("MAX30105 was not found. Please check wiring/power. ");
while (1);
Serial.println("Place your index finger on the sensor with steady pressure.");
particleSensor.setup(); //Configure sensor with default settings
particleSensor.setPulseAmplitudeRed(0x0A); //Turn Red LED to low to indicate sensor is running
particleSensor.setPulseAmplitudeGreen(0); //Turn off Green LED
void loop()
long irValue = particleSensor.getIR();
if (checkForBeat(irValue) == true)
//We sensed a beat!
long delta = millis() - lastBeat;
lastBeat = millis();
beatsPerMinute = 60 / (delta / 1000.0);
if (beatsPerMinute < 255 && beatsPerMinute > 20)
rates[rateSpot++] = (byte)beatsPerMinute; //Store this reading in the array
rateSpot %= RATE_SIZE; //Wrap variable
//Take average of readings
beatAvg = 0;
for (byte x = 0 ; x < RATE_SIZE ; x++)
beatAvg += rates[x];
beatAvg /= RATE_SIZE;
Serial.print(", BPM=");
Serial.print(", Avg BPM=");
if (irValue < 50000)
Serial.print(" No finger?");

I'm missing a link to the schematics of the breakout board you use.

Please format your code, it's horrible to read it without indentation! The IDE supports you with the "Auto Format" tool (Ctrl-T).

You have to call Wire.begin() before you call the init() method of the Sparkfun library!