Re: 1337uino MINI (alpha) need endorsed...

It’s like looking at it from an airplane from 30,000ft…everything looks like ants down there. It’s too small to see.

sorry, how can i attach the schematic??? or if you want you could try downloading this:


Even the largest size available on flickr is unreadable... An actual .sch file put somewhere would be a lot better.

Hate the name. :-)

about the name, if people hate it, then I like it and I am going to go with the name.

but the file thing, I can't think of a place to put the .sch file... any ideas?

There is now a higher-res PDF file here:

It's "printed" on A3-sized paper (big), so you can zoom in quite a lot to see details.

What's the point of this, again? The TLC's are fine, but over on the other side why are you filling up all of the I/O ports with LEDs? Seems like that, plus the name, will make it pretty unlikely that anyone will want to buy it.

the leds on this board are indicators like the led on pin 13 on an arduino. I am not concerned about the name I can change it any time, if nobody wants to buy it, thats fine. I thought this board up to be used as a PC modding kit where you can control fans lights and etc... but then I thought that it would also be nice if it was to be sold to Arduino minded people, so thats why I want to make sure that the schematic is correct...

On the other hand, where can I get this built with parts and all for cheap??? Because I don't have any tools for making a PCB. and also where can i get and burn a bootloader into the ATmega644???

Also is it OK to directly apply the +5V from a PC molex connector to the board and by pass the voltage regulators etc?

Thanks for your input.

Well, I just made a BIG revision of the board and now have the Main board ready and the daughter board ready aswell. The main board is designed so that its bread-boardable by using 2 bread boards. The daughter board is just a board that sits on top with LED indicators for every I/O pin.

now I need to prototype this and but don't know who can do it, any ideas? I also need to populate it because I don't have the necessary tools to do the job so it would be helpful for the board to come already populated...

Prototyping could be done (quite inexpensive) here:

Dont know if they populate though...