Re: A tip for every one

…you dont say

Most people already know that. Most of the members here are probably older (or much older) than 11, and already have a lot of experience with the web, hardware, or programming. Still, it’s nice to see that you have the right attitude, trying to share information rather than keeping secret it to “show off” [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

flickr also works pretty well, although apprently their “terms of use” would have you always include a link back to the flickr page as well as the embedded image (preferrably using the picture as the link, but I don’t think that’s possible here?)

Google’s Picasaweb doesn’t work so well; they don’t provide a simple URL-linking capability, and what you can extract from their “embedded picture” capability goes “stale” pretty quickly. They explicitly claim not to support the bare-url style of hotlinking (I asked: Sigh. Took me a while to figure out, too, so it’s not like this picture hosting stuff is trivial and universally known; I’m happy to add photobucket to the list of “good” sites.)

Anyone want to chime in on other free picture-hosting sites? What about other types of files (zip, pdf)? Some of the file-hosting sites I’ve been pointed at have been REALLY obnoxious wrt ads and pop-up windows and such.

(Kevin: if you change the title for this thread to something like “Tip: Picture hosting for Arduino Forums”, a lot more people might find it and find it useful. I don’t think anyone but the original thread poster can change it (and I’m not THAT sure that they can either.))

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