Re: Arduino Engineering Kit

Hi, My name is Guillermo, I bought an Arduino engineering kit, in the section MATLAB getting started, I am following the instruction to upload the MKRMotor carrier, so far the library is well uploaded, but when I try to create the 3rth carrier applying:
dcm = dcmotor(carrier,3),
the MAthLab answer:
The host and client connection is lost. Make sure the board is plugged in and recreate
arduino and related objects.

I tried several times checking that all is well connected, and so all is well, but I can no go through, the same answer always.

I have your same problem. How did you risolve it?
Thank you in advance

You can try ensuring that the cable is always intact in its connection with PC. Another attempt would be to reset the MKR1000 by double pressing the reset button before connecting using a = arduino or arduinosetup.