Re: Arduino sucks.

I guess this is SPAM.

Still I must say that reading it was quite interesting from a psychological point of view. What a fine manifestation of ‘split personality syndrome’ it is.

As we say in France : chelou…

uglypeople dot com is owned by:-

1025 W. 2nd. St.
Tifton, GA 31794

Since this spam is promoting his website, its hosted at The Planet dot com if anyone wants to lodge a compliant with them. I hear they are reasonably quick to suspend accounts when they receive complaints about spam sites.

thatsnotsexy dot com is hiding behind privacy protection services, but it doesn’t mean there servers can’t be traced to a provider and a similar complaint lodged.

i’m so sorry for this…

i’ve reset my password now, and this maniac shouldnt be able to make anymore posts in my name…