Re-arrange tabs

How might one re-arrange the order of the Tabs?

I cannot seem to find a way to do this?

I have 12 tabs. only tabs 1-5 show on the top of the page.
rather than having to go to the drop down to get to tab #12, I would like to move it so it shows on top of the page. So the visible tabs would show something like: #1 - #2 - #12 - #3 #-4

The Arduino IDE always arranges tabs as the file that matches the folder name followed by the rest in alphabetical order. To reorder the tabs you will need to rename them. I do this by prepending each tab name with a letter (because it's required that they start with a letter) followed by a number. For example:

  • MySketch
  • A10Parameters
  • A20Globals
  • A30Setup
  • A40Loop
  • A50Functions
  • A60Notes

Incrementing the number by ten each time allows me to add additional tabs later without renaming all the tabs that come after it.

Fixed tab order actually makes good sense with .ino files because these files are concatenated in that order so it would be very confusing to have the tabs in a different order than the concatenation. It doesn't make sense for .h, .cpp, .S files since they are not concatenated but I guess it would be kind of weird if you could reorder some tabs but not others?

You do have the option of setting File > Preferences > Use external editor and then you can use the text editor of your choice which does allow rearranging tabs to edit your code and then only use the Arduino IDE to compile and upload.