Re-connecting power supply connection

Hello my name is Bowan. The connection wires for my battery's has disconnected. This is the compartment that powers my arduino without it being connected to the computer. The positive and negative wires have disconnected and I would like to glue them back together. I am not sure if glueing them is safe. I do not want to solder as I have no experience with soldering. I have glue from this supplier. I am not sure if this is safe or not so I have come here to find out if anyone else knows if glue is a good answer or not.

With that type of glue, you will lose electrical conductivity.

You could try I have no personal experience with it.

Are you saying that the wires have broken off the soldered joint? If so this glue s useless. You must solder to get electrical contact.


Alright thank you. I will solder them, soldering sounds more durable and less/no loss of conductivity.