Re: Controlling six servo motors using arduino nd xbee

Can i actually do this project ?

There are really two questions here. Can this project be done? Yes. Can you do it? Well, only one of us can answer that.


What's this Arduino doing? This is cheaper (there's a dongle version, as well).

can anyone provide more info on this whole thing?

What else do you need to know? This isn't a "do my homework for me" forum. If you have specific questions, we can give specific answers. If you have general question, we can give general answers. If you have vague questions, we give vague answers, or ignore the question altogether.

hi Paul,
Forgive me for the vague question above…i was so confused altogethr,

. how can i communicate with an xbee using pc?

. i need an interfacing software with customized controls for my robot in a “PC->XBEE ~~ XBEE+Arduino-> SERVO " setup? such tht when i click on the button " left” the robot shud do left and “serpentine”, it shud trace a serpentine curve…
Which programming language shud i use for developing the same ?

Which programming language shud i use for developing the same ?

Which one(s) do you know? Anything that is capable of presenting a user interface and communicating with a serial port will work.

Developing the protocol (what commands will be sent/received) and implementing it correctly will be the hardest part.

For the initial development, either concentrate on getting the protocol designed and the send/receive part working with the XBees, OR concentrate on getting the implementation working on the snake. Don't try to do both at once, unless you don't like your hair.