RE: Error loading Arduino 0016

As this is my first post here. Hi to all that read this post. Great source of knowledge you have here, big thanks for all the future things I intend to learn from you all :)

As I'm new to the Arduino (and electronics as well), I know I will have a few questions in time but until then, heres my contribution to the community (and Arduino software developers);

I'm running Windows XP (32bit) with Suns Java Dev Kit installed, when I tried to run Arduino.exe, it threw an unhandled exception and wouldn't load. I fixed the run.bat file so it ran, heres what I changed;

set JAVA_HOME="java\bin" to REM set JAVA_HOME="java" (commenting out that line as my JAVA_HOME environment variable is already defined through Windows, perhaps better to check for an existing value before assigining the included java folder, also moved the bin folder to below...)

if %JAVA_HOME% == "" GOTO Error to if "%JAVA_HOME%" == "" GOTO Error (adding quotes around JAVA_HOME for folders that have spaces (i.e. c:\program files\java))

%JAVA_HOME%\java to "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" (added the bin folder, and added quotes for folders with spaces)

After these changes to the batch file, the executable worked fine.

hopefully the relevant fixes make it into future updates ;)