Re-Flashing atmega328p with Arduino as an ISP

Hi, I need to re-flash my arduino bootloader to set the minimal config to run in 8mhz internal clock, I have already installed the 16mhz external clock bootloader by following the below given link, but it consumes more power so I decided to re-flash it to minimal config so how to do this, will I brick my MC if I follow the same tutorial and install the 8mhz clock or any other way to do it, please share your details is urgent.

You must take great care when flashing the new fuses (for 8Mhz internal clock). Once you're done with that, you can safely flash the new bootloader.

Here's some good advice on how to set the fuses:

I figure, however, that the proper fuses for 8Mhz internal clock, and everything else remaing the default for Arduino are:

Low = 0xE2
High = 0xDE
Ext. = 0x05

Hi thanks for the response, please tell me the procedure to follow, do I have to follow the same procedure which is stated on the above link on my first post or do I have to follow some other procedure.

Follow Nick Gammon's procedure here. Select Lilypad.