Re: Have you ever felt that the world is a tuxedo ?

That’s what being born lefthanded is all about. :wink:


I don’t agree :wink:

I originally posted this question as: “Have you felt that the world is a tuxedo?” With the rejoinder (rejoinder?), “And you’re a pair of brown shoes.”. It was a comment made by George Gobel, back in the sixties, after he walked on the “Johnny Carson” show, when that night’s show had several big time stars already on and all of whom had been cracking the crowd up for several minutes before George walked on. However, Johnny laughed so hard at George’s comment, that he almost fell out of his chair. ;D

Due to lack of interest, I removed the question, but I see that at least one person did answer, and I’m sorry about that. I also see that that person is a retired guy, like myself, which makies me doubly sorry. :-[ I read that in the thread “What is your job?”.

Having read through that thread,“What is your job?”, I decided to reenter my “tuxedo/brown shoe” post; the significance of which, should be apparent. :wink:

The old br…, I mean pakrat :smiley:

Yeah, you’re definitely not the only retired guy around here from what I’ve observed. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t seem that way; there’s a lot of still working “professionals” on this forum.