Re: Help with transmiter/reciever from chaina :)

so soldering coe is wrong? you dont need it? or that? you use sometginh dimilar? how you connect ir? can you post a code?

Pleas help :slight_smile: i know what here are people who know. just look to datasheet :smiley:

For beginners trying to send wireless data, I would start with an XBEE. They are very simple to use and you will get 123543635 tutorials online on how to configure them and start sending data.

Use a multimeter and measure between VCC & GND (with no battery connected and without the arduino connected). If you are getting 0 ohms or a very low reading there that indicates that there is something wrong with the board. Look the board over very carefully for pins that look shorted, little solder bridges, etc. Maybe one of the ICs installed backwards.

Operation does seem simple - press a button on the remote, see that output go high.

When you connect to an arduino pin, have the pin set as an input with its internal pullup resistor enabled:

pinMode (random_pin, INPUT); // random_pin = 2; (or 3, 4, …19) in the earlier sketch area
digitalWrite (random_pin, HIGH); // internal pullup enabled

Then it should read as a 1 all the time unless the receiver is pulling it low, which you woud expect if it was powering up properly.

Oki doki.

When i connect VCC and GND to meter i get ~15K resistens without power.

I cheked for some shorts circuit, nothing founded

When i connect 5V DC power adapter to it (arduino still makes short) it shows 4.79 V. (i'm i right here?) on pins are same... but still nothung

i did this: int buttonPin = 52; int buttonState=1; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT); digitalWrite(buttonPin, HIGH); //if i comment this line i get 01010010 smth random, with this line i get only HIGH. }

void loop(){ buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);

if (buttonState == LOW) { Serial.println(buttonState); } else { Serial.println("HIGH"); } }

So its meant what i havet power right mine receiver?

CrossRoads, YOU ARE DA BEST :D it was mine problem. Connectivity was ok, but then i powered with 5v it in ouptut give me only 4, so i cant read digital 1.. i increased power suplay to 5.5 V and i get now logical 1 :D your comment took me on right road :)