Re: How do i get a workshop in my City/Town??

I help students out at Devry University in Orlando using the Arduino. So I'd love to talk more with locals about it.

Stealthtransam on AIM and Yahoo

My arduino tutorial site is

I am going to be in Orlando for Christmas (Sanford actually) maybe we could have a hacklab/meet-up when there.

I will be out of the state for the next 2 months for buisiness so I would not be able to attend.

So guys,

how is the Orlando thing going? Are you people getting active?


I currently am supporting a few Arduino Users via email. I also have tutored a few undergrades at Devry University here on how to use the arduino in project specific uses. I'm currently am in the works with the Dean of Electronic Engineering to give a seminar to the senior Engineering class on uses for it. So I would have to say interest seams small on it right now in this area.

Thant sounds like you are slowly getting things started. Just let us know if you need any support. There are many materials/experiments we haven't even had the time to publish.

sounds good. Would love to experiment with that ethernet board. Currently I am supporting 2 students with a “micro mouse” concept using Arduino for a small compitition. If we can get a build up of Arduino interest in this area i’d love it.