Re: I Need a Code Written, Will pay for Composition

I know plenty of people that have interfaced a Wii Remote to do a similar thing by just installing some drivers and adjusting settings in the software. You would also need a bluetooth adapter on your computer.

I'm not sure if this approach would work for you, but would be a lot easier to implement

Also, if you have an iPhone’ipod touch, there are already apps that send midi to a computer thru wifi.

Totally wireless, and cheapest option I can think of. (<5$, if you have an iphone) Also, this one app I’ve seen also gives you a grid of buttons that also send midi.

I have been working on a project that reads accelerometer data and outputs midi for controlling a synth. It is constantly polling the accelerometer and sending out control change messages.

I map the data from the accelerometer into the 0-127 value that midi needs.

Post back if you want to hear more!


Seems quite exactly what m.mike needs so ...

Don't you just hate it when the original poster removes all his posts making the rest of the thread look silly. It is plane bad manners. >:(

Agree 100% Mike, only usable for quizes. "What was the original question?" :-/